5 Unexpected Benefits of Sending Your kids to childcare

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Dropping off a child at childcare for the first time can be a truly daunting experience. As a parent it is natural to fret over your child’s well being and giving up control and the thought your child will worry that he or she will never see you ever again as they come to terms with being separated will play on your mind.

Aside from the minor trauma of parting ways with each other, both parents and children can actually get a lot out of child care services. Here are five interesting and unexpected benefits you should consider when it comes time to put your child in a childcare in your area.

Starting their social life

When you child is dropped into a strange new environment, his or her first reaction will probably be fear and discomfort. Most childcare providers look after medium to large groups of children broken up into smaller age groups meaning your child will have the opportunity to make friends quickly and easily. These early social relationships play a big part in shaping his or her future, and some studies have even shown that kids who relate to others in childcare have fewer emotional problems later on. And this is even before any schooling starts, too.

Learning how to become independent

For any child, it’s a long road from being in diapers and completely dependent on their parents to learning how to live a functional, free life. The first step — the separation — is often the hardest for both child and parents, but it always proves to be the most beneficial. You can help prepare your child by teaching them how to dress themselves, brush their own hair and tie their own shoes before you send them off to your local childcare center.

Laying the groundwork for primary education

Children in childcare are typically less likely to have behavioural problems and act out in school. In child care settings, children tend to learn how to interact with others both their own age and older, which gives them an advantage once they head to primary school, then high school and even university. You’ll want to locate child care providers where you can talk with the Educators and ask them what types of learning activities they offer for your child to participate in.

Boosting their immune systems

Though they might pick up more runny noses and sore throats than if they had a nanny, kids tend to get over their sicknesses more quickly when they pick them up in daycare. This allows them to build better immune systems early on, making them healthier later in life. When it comes time to locate child care centers in your area, always ask pointed, health- and safety-related questions for daycare providers to ensure you’re leaving your babies in good hands.

Helping the parents help each other

Parents whose children attend the same childcare centers tend to make fast friends. For example lets say you drop your child off at the same time as Susan, another mum, every day — soon, you and Susan might be getting coffee and talking about raising your kids and swapping parenting stories. It’s essential to have these kinds of support systems when you’re trying to bring your kids up the right way, and it all starts with finding the right childcare facilities near you.


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