What to look for when you tour a new Childcare

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This is a short check list of a few key things to look out for and ask when looking at a new childcare service. This list is only a snap shot of things we recommend. To find out more speak to our Campus Director.
  • Are you greeted at the door with warmth or does it feel like chaos
  • Does the foyer look inviting, clean, tidy and professional
  • Do you and your child feel welcome
  • If there is a reception area does it look clean and tidy?
  • Have you been asked to sign into a visitors register? If not how do they know who they are letting in?
  • Can you see the service licence. This is a legal requirement to be displayed for families to view
  • Can you hear laughter and the sound of children playing or does the Director have NOVA playing on his or her computer
  • As you begin your tour does the Director talk to you about the philosophy of the centre and maybe about the business owners or maybe the buildings heritage?
  • As you progress with your tour do the children seem happy and relaxed and educators engaging the children at all times.
  • Are the Educators easy to identify? Are they wearing name badges annd uniforms?
  • Do the educators look presentable like professionals?
  • Were you offered introductions to all the Educators whilst on your tour of the centre?
  • Do the educators acknowledge you on your tour and seem happy and engaged
  • Do the rooms seem well organised, clean and tidy?
  • Do the children toilets appear clean, neat and tidy?
  • Ask to see the nappy change areas. Do they look presentable and hygienic?
  • Do you and your child like the outdoor environment?
  • Are the Educators wearing hats outside and role modelling sunsmart safety.
  • Ask about the centres sunsmart policy and policies around sunscreen applications. Did you see them displayed anywhere along with the centres temperature and UV daily rating.
  • Was there a balance of older and younger Educators. Was there a balance of Male and Female Educators? Diversity is so important in any work place but especially with children. More experienced educators bring certain qualities as do younger fresher Educators so having a mix is very important.
  • Are there opportunities for your child to be challenged. As a parent you will know what your child needs. Listen to your gut instinct
  • Did your tour guide explain to you how you will receive feedback about your childs day? Is it digital, in a book or whiteboard or just verbal at pick up?
  • Did your tour guide explain in what ways and how often the service communicate with it’s parents. Every centre is different and this is vital info
  • Did your tour guide explain how you can contact the service if you have concerns. This is important and information that should not have to be asked but offered.
  • Did the Director or tour guide seem rushed through the tour. This process is important and you should feel like you are able to take as long as you need
  • Did the Director get interrupted by the staff constantly through your tour? Well trained Educators and well run centres should not need to interrupt the Director through tour times as this is your time. 

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