Why you should know if your Childcare “REALLY” run’s a school readiness program?

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The development of school readiness skills allows school teachers to expand and further develop a child’s skills in the specific areas of literacy, numeracy, social interaction, play, language, emotional development, physical skills and fine motor skills. Without these basic skills already established from Childcare, upon entry to school children can very quickly find themselves playing ‘catch up’ compared to their peers that are advancing more quickly. Students that begin school with the build block (or foundation) skills in place advance quickly as opposed to those that start school only to then begin the slow process of developing school readiness.

At Murdock Early Education Schools we believe a School readiness program is integral to a child’s future schooling success and should be delivered by a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher. At our Langford Campus our Full Time Early Childhood Teacher takes great pride in preparing her children for the transition to school. Book a one on one conversation with our Early Childhood Teacher and find out if your Childcare is giving your child the best start to their academic future.



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